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Last night was the best night to be in DC. The excitement at the law… - i've already spent years at the back of the line [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
what a marvelous mess

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[Nov. 5th, 2008|08:56 pm]
what a marvelous mess
Last night was the best night to be in DC. The excitement at the law school was palpable, literally, the entire day.

Amanda and I ventured out to the Hill to see if we could snag a table for us, Josh, and his dad, but to no avail - most bars on the Hill seemed filled to capacity, and that was at 6pm. I suppose I should have assumed, but it's strange to see an election cause this much fuss. Although, it is DC, and everything can be made into a reason to drink.

We settled down at Jack's in Dupont, and proceeded to eat, drink, and shit our pants when Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia were called for Obama. As the "Poll Clock" counted down to the West Coast poll closings at 11 EST, we held our breath. I thought they'd wait a bit to call it, but since Obama was so far ahead, and California was a sure bet (with 55 more electoral votes!), they called the election.

The bar went insane. People were screaming, crying (I'm guilty of this - when Ohio was called, when the election was called, and during Obama's speech), cheering. We headed out, only to discover that there were crowds of people heading to the White House. School night be damned, Amanda, Josh, and I walked to the White House. The streets were mobbed - literally. Every car that drove by was honking, people were hanging out of the windows screaming, and perfect strangers were hugging in the street.

Crowds upon crowds of people had lined up on the street and sidewalk in front of the White House. Easily a thousand people were there, I'd say. It was impossible to walk anywhere. People were holding Obama/Biden signs and cardboard cutouts. We all started singing that "na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" song at the White House- and it was amazing.

Best night of my life. Pictures will be posted soon - definitely on Facebook, maybe on here.

Also. It's time to start looking for internships - the Dep't of Justice has an Office of Violence Against Women, and, of course, the requisite Civil Rights division. This interests me.